Fatma Turkish Series All Episodes Part 1

The story of serial Fatma

Turkish series produced in 2010 presented to the Turkish channel Canal story taken from the novel which has the same name and talk about a true story that happened in 1975 but the series is different from story of the novel and the real story.
The series starring Perrin Sat famous actor in Turkey which was know in the series of "love forbidden" and Engin Akiorik. It contains big stars of Turkey. Th series addresses an important issue which is very sensitive and is one of the best and most successful series of Turkey so far. The director Helal Sierra confirmed that she decided to show elements of the sea and the blue color of the sea to show the purity of main character Fatma Gul (Fatima Gul means in Arabic Fatima Zahra).

The story of serial Fatima
Fatima (Perrin sat) a poor girl living in the village of Izmir engaged to a hunter Mustafa who adored her and they both were dreaming about their wedding day but their beautiful dream turned to a nightmare where Fatma was raped by 4 young people, one Karim (Engin Akiorik ) who lives in the same village and turned her life upside down especially after Mostafa abandoned her and she is forced to marry Karim in order to wash her honor and Karim to escape penalty and she moves with her husband to live in Istanbul. Fatma of course hated Karim and he deeply regret for what he did to her and falls in love with her but Fatma in the beginning continue to hatred and then because of his support cream and helping her, she will fall in love with and the events of the series will continue in a very romantic way. You can watch Full Fatma Full Episode online in Arabic Part one here:

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    مسلسل اكثر من رائع

  2. i need to watch Season 2 of Fatima in arabic, i cant read arabic,please help me !!

  3. is this a end of drama serial ???

  4. Anonymous says:

    is there only 90 episodes of fatma gul

  5. Anonymous says:

    i like this the most, its really good, good loading good videos, keep it up

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    it s very nice very very nice thanks turkich

  8. Anonymous says:

    episode 77 isn't working :( anyone know another website where I can watch this? plzzzzzzzz help! thanks in advance :)

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    episode 11-54 is not working please help

  10. Anonymous says:

    merci de faire marcher les episodes 61 et 62 et merci les turks athaftouna wallah

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  13. nice drama for girls edu

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