Fatma Turkish Series Episode 7 Mostafa Left Fatma and burned the marital home

Episode 7 Fatma Turkish Series: Mostafa Left Fatma and burn the marital home. In a moment of despair Mustafa burned house which was intended to marry Fatima in it which came to ask him for help but was hocked with the burn scene.

In Episode 7 Fatma Series, Fatima tried to commit suicide after being abandoned by Mostafa and after he burned their house but Karim was present by chance and saved her. Fatma went crazy after seeing Karim and asked her brother for help while police have been looking for her.

Myasar Lam3y wife putting a lot of pressure on Fatma to get married to Karim and to forget about the testify against the rest of the rapists. You an watch Fatma Episode 7 in Arabic full online here:


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