Fatma Episode 21 Karim met Mostafa by chance

Episode 21: Karim Meets Mostafa. Karim rushed towards the boat which Fatma sits upon it and ran the engine, Fatma shouted but he force her to sit and admitted the truth to her. In Episode 21 Fatma Turkish Series Karim said to Fatma that he was not involved in rape accident but guilty because he did not prevent his friends from the raping her and doing this crime.

Fatima confirmed to Karim that they had destroyed her life and stole her dreams and asked him to take her back to the house and he confirmed that he will leave the house. Karim met Mustafa by chance when he went to finish his papers to travel recognized him but Mustafa who is preparing to travel as well also did not know Karim. You can watch Fatma Turkish series Episode 21 online in Arabic here:


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